The Checklist - Gyromite & Duck Hunt

Why they're on the list: Both of these games are associated with Smash Bros. characters (R.O.B. and Duck Hunt Duo, respectively) and at some point I decided I wanted to play one game for each of those characters. I need not have bothered with these two.

How I played them: With nestopia on my laptop.

When I played them: At the start of 2017

How far I got: Not far with either. Couldn't even get the character to move in Gyromite.

What I thought:

There really isn't a lot to say about either of these, except that I couldn't really play either of them because they both relied on defunct peripherals (R.O.B. and the NES Zapper, respectively) which I do not have access to. I did use the mouse mapping to play Duck Hunt, but that turned out to not be much fun. I maybe could have worked something out by mapping the mouse or keys to R.O.B., but who has time for that?

So I guess this entry is a little disingenuous. I gave it a shot, though!

Also, they both came out on the very same day in North America, so that's something.