Other Stuff

Miscellaneous writing.

A Poem: Whale-kenning (2011)


An (attempted) poem in the style of an Old English epic.


A Screenplay: Uncertainty (2015)

My first attempt at a screenplay.

A relabelling exercise: Noel Melbourne's The Armoured Soldier


Everything written here is wrong. This came from an English relabelling exercise, where the task was to strip an artistic piece of its context and utterly reinterpret it.

A Video Game: Daedalus (2014)

A Metroidvania-style game built in the Kodu game engine. I made it for an Intro to Video Games unit at uni, and it's actually not terrible? My proposal for the game is also included.

  • You can download Kodu, which you'll need if you want to play the game, here. It's a pretty good way to get started making games, especially for kids (but adults too).