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Feature Articles & Creative Nonfiction

I’ve never been sure where the line is between these two forms, so I’ve hedged my bets.


This is an apology. And by the end of it, I intend to say sorry. But before I do, please let me explain myself. 


An examination of toilet stall graffiti and its social implications. (I feel the need to disclaim the title - it was suggested by the Grapeshot Features Editor). It was published in Grapeshot, Volume 10, Issue 1: X.

Artwork by James Booth

Artwork by James Booth

It's about the complexity of considering animals to be our friends, with my pet budgie as the focus. Published in Grapeshot, Volume 9, Issue 6: Worms.




Cover art by Ailie MacKenzie, design by Teresa Peni

Cover art by Ailie MacKenzie, design by Teresa Peni

Co-authored with my fellow editors Hannah Armstrong, Ryan Hunter and Jasmine Aird.








For a class about why books win prizes. 


This one is about video games.


For my first English literature class. It has Beowulf and Greek mythology in it.


An essay about the advantages and disadvantages of adopting further decimal units.





Appearing in Grapeshot Volume 10 Issue 8, this one’s about the video games Celeste and Night in the Woods - mainly about how they address mental health.


This appeared in Grapeshot Volume 10, Issue 1: X (p 60).



Yesterday, Simon Belmont (of Castlevania fame) was announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. One of Simon’s attacks is holy water. The only possible conclusion to is that, in some way, every character in Smash is an unholy monstrosity that must be vanquished. Here, we try to work out why.