Grapeshot Volume 10, Issue 8: Lost Property

If you're around Macquarie Uni, go hunt down a copy of this (featuring yours truly). Guaranteed to make you forget the terror of impending exams. You’ll find me on p.44, with a review/article about the games Night in the Woods, Celeste, and how they portray mental health.

Cover Illustration by Sam van Vliet

*(No liability is accepted for forgotten exams - read at own risk)

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Which Nintendo characters would burn in holy water? A comprehensive study

Yesterday, Simon Belmont (of Castlevania fame) was announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. One of Simon’s attacks is holy water. The only possible conclusion to is that, in some way, every character in Smash is an unholy monstrosity that must be vanquished. Here, we try to work out why.

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