New Wiki Article: Mrithi

The Vagarist, my correspondent from Verse 1.3.1, has posted an article on the Web of Worlds Wiki about Mrithi! Mrithi are the elephant descendants that, after human extinction in the early 22nd century, evolved to become Earth's second technological species. Recently, the species featured in my story Intro to House-Ape Studies. Click the link below to find out more.

The Quarry Issue #10 is live!

The Quarry Issue #10 is up and running! After all the blood, sweat and words put in by my class and the editorial team, it's good to go!

The Quarry is an annual journal put out by Macquarie University, to showcase work from the graduating class. I was on the editorial team this year, and I helped edit several of the pieces up there.

Things I had a more direct role in are the fiction editorial, which I had a minor hand in writing, and Intro to House-Ape Studies, which is a story I wrote!

A physical version is coming out in a few weeks, which you can buy here.

Cover art by Ailie MacKenzie, Design by Teresa Peni

Cover art by Ailie MacKenzie, Design by Teresa Peni