The first few chapters of a novel that hopefully I'll finish some day

It's been ages since I posted last. I've been thinking a bit (a lot) lately about writing, and what it means to me and what I want to do with it. I've said this before... but I'm hoping to post a lot more in the near future. I've got plans, man, big plans1, you just wait.

So anyway, I thought I'd post this to get the ball rolling. This is a story and a universe I've been working on in bits and pieces since the Planck epoch. The Richell Prize, a novel-writing competition, prompted me in 2015 to go ahead and get the first few chapters done. I didn't make the shortlist, and I wasn't expecting to, but it did succeed in getting me to put some actual stuff down. Two years later and I haven't added much - you know how it is - but I thought I'd put it up here anyway. It's a bit rough in retrospect, and it could definitely use some work. One day, man. One day.

1 Plans are at most mild to medium in size.

The Tulisan War: Stormfronts

My war started a long time before the Tulisan. I was getting old before they were even a blip on SDU deep space radar. I'm a veteran, you know, from the Storm border conflicts. I enlisted right out of school, as soon as I could. I was stationed on Bulwark, my homeworld, actually, which has the happy distinction of playing host to no less than three Storm invasions. And one Tulisan invasion. 

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The Planet Eater

The Planet Eater swung around the yellow star and closed in on his prey. The blue planet swelled into his view, emerging from the milky strew of stars. He could feel the radio waves emanating from it; see the spectral lines of molecular oxygen in its atmosphere, its swarm of tiny satellites. This was a planet at the peak of its lifespan. His mouth started to water.

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The Universe and Me, Part 7: Humans

Human beings, the anatomically modern kind, have lived on Earth for the last quarter of a million years. Although that is a tiny amount of time compared to the vast spans I’ve described so far, I feel we’ve achieved rather a lot.

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Screenplay: Uncertainty

Hey guys! The next chapter in the History of the Universe is taking a little longer than the others, so I thought I'd put it on hold to post this screenplay.

I wrote this as the major assignment for my Introduction to Screenwriting unit last semester. It's a little rough and I'm not sure that I like a lot of things about it, but it somehow earned me an unexpected Distinction! It follows a university physics student who is struggling through his third year at university and dealing with his philosophical realisations about determinism. (Yes, there is a somewhat autobiographical bent to the script, which is one of the reasons I'm not totally keen on it)


Uncertainty (2015)


The Universe and Me, Part 6: Mammals

Mammals lived, for 135 million years, in the shadows of much larger reptiles. Dinosaurs dominated the land, giant marine reptiles owned the seas, and pterosaurs patrolled the skies. Mammals did not rest on their laurels, however, developing the traits that define them today. 

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The Story of the Universe and Me: The Solar System

Around five billion years ago, an average-sized white star swelled from the dust of a barred spiral galaxy. From the disc of remains that surrounded it, smaller bodies pulled together and fell into line around it, until it was orbited by a swarm of planets, from gas giants to tiny, rocky worlds.

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