What I'm Doing Now

Updated 2019-02-24

I'm living in Sydney (Marsfield, to be specific!) Australia, in the orbit of Macquarie University. Here's what I do currently:

  • Completing my Master of Research in Physics and Astronomy, at Macquarie University. My research project is on fast radio bursts, which are these really cool, mysterious events from extragalactic space. This is a lot of work and it sometimes eclipses my other priorities, but I try and find time for them!

  • Developing and practising my writing style. I do this by writing short stories and other short pieces with an eye for publication. This website usually ends up with a lot of it! Also, in the background, doing little bits on longer pieces - novels I really hope I'll finish one day.

  • Attempting to develop better habits, when it comes to writing, eating, spending money, sleeping, exercise, organisation - all the stuff which I know I have to do to improve myself but which I always manage to neglect.

I'm always open for new opportunities (feel free to shoot them my way), but my university work has to come first!

This page is intended as a public declaration and a reminder to myself. It was inspired by Raelee Lancaster, and her inspirers by proxy.